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Timmy and Ronny met when they were children at the park. Timmy's parents are accountants that are always crunching numbers. Ronny's parents immigrated from Barbados on a sugar cane barge. When Timmy and Ronny first moved to the neighborhood there was a solar eclipse and Mercury was in retrograde. The day after they moved in Timmy and Ronny's families both went to the park to relax after a hard move. When Timmy first got to the playground he ran straight for the swings, and so did Ronny. When they both arrived at the only empty swing they were such little gentlemen and offered to wait so the other one could swing first. Since they couldn't decide who would swing first they decided to play in the sandbox together with the wooded trucks and cars Ronny brought with him from Barbados. They've been attached at the hip (or face) ever since.

• 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester
• Front pouch pocket

Timmy and Ronny

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